rbc bluesfest experience

A couple of weeks ago I attended my 1st RBC Ottawa Bluesfest! The festival is over a period of 10 days. My friend and I decided on 3 day bracelet. We chose to see bands on the 4th, 8th, and 9th of July!

On the first day, we were really only going to see Journey. I arrived earlier than she did, so I got to eat a delicious dinner with my parents from the Hintonburger stand while listening to Silkken Laumann (the band not the rower, I know, confusing).


Later I met up with my friend and her mom and watched Darius Rucker for a while. He was a good performer, but definitely not our music taste.  Soon it was time for Journey who were awesome! My favourite performance was probably Lights or Separate Ways. Arnel Pineda sounded great and my friend and I thought he was cute. Little did we know that he is 46!!?! He looks way younger than his age, good on him.



On the 8th we saw Tokyo Police Club, Styx, Queens of the Stone Age, Foreigner and Jake Bugg. Unfortunately it rained for about 2hrs and shows were delayed (damn lightning!) I was not thinking and did not bring rainboots on the trip :( My friend and I huddled under one umbrella and wore ponchos over our coats. Not a fun experience. I really enjoyed Tokyo Police Club though!


It stopped raining for Foreigner and Jake Bugg which was greatly appreciated. Thank you Mother Nature! Kelly Hansen was an awesome performer. Even got to see Mick Jones, the original founder of Foreigner! We stayed for half of their set and left to see Jake Bugg after that. We fangirled a bit when we first saw him up on stage. I would love to see Jake Bugg again in concert. He is an amazing singer.



The headliner for our final day at Bluesfest was The Killers! Yes. I’ve religiously listened to Hot Fuss and Battle Born so I was naturally super excited for them. And of course, Brandon Flowers. The first act on was Tyler, the Creator. My friend is a fan of him, so we went to watch his set. His fans are pretty crazy and I was smushed up against the person in front and behind me for half the time (everyone wants to get to the front!) Although he songs are really vulgar, I thought he was a great performer and was fun to watch!


After him we walked around Lebreton Flats. It is a nice outside venue and it is not overwhelming at all (unlike Osheaga!) We went back for some fries at Hintonburger and went to the merch tent to buy some Killers shirts. Lining up an hour and a half before before The Killers was somewhat rewarding. There was a group of pushy people, but we met some siblings from Italy which was really cool. The crowd was really loud which I enjoyed! Brandon did a lot of call and answer in their songs. I was happy that they played The Way it Was, which is one of my favourites off Battle Born.




Hope I can attend Bluesfest again next year, or even be a volunteer. A really chill festival! Now one week until Osheaga!



sweater weather tag

Saw this tag video on YouTube going around so I decided to give it a go. There were quite a few variations of questions, so I just chose the ones I liked the most!

1. Favourite candle scent?

I don’t personally own any candles (yet), but I have smelled some of the Bath & Body Works winter collection and I do like Marshmallow Fireside!

2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate, hands down. Whenever I need something sweet and when I’m cold from walking home from the bus stop, hot chocolate is there for me.

3. What’s the best fall memory you have?

Hmm…this is a hard one. Probably watching my dad carve pumpkins as a kid or walking in the trails with my family and admiring the colour of the leaves.

4. Which makeup trend do you prefer – dark lips or winged eyeliner?

Dark lips!

5. Favourite Thanksgiving food?

Stuffing all the way.

6. Hats or scarves?

Scarves, definitely!

7. Most worn sweater?

Probably my camo hoodie I got ages ago from somewhere in Montreal or my Zara basic black cardigan.

8. Must-have fall nail polish?

Anything plum-y or berry coloured. (Revlon: Plum Attraction)

9. What is fall weather like where you live?

Well, first it starts out at a nice temperature – around 5-15 degrees Celcius. Later on in November though it’s usually 5 or below…brr! All the more reason to layer.

10. What song gets you in the fall spirit?

Even If by Lewis Watson, Slide by Jake Bugg, or Changing of the Seasons (I’d say it’s an appropriate song title!)  by Two Door Cinema Club. (Sorry I couldn’t choose one)

september favourites

Sorry x 100 for the lack of posts. I’ve been extremely busy with school, cross country and clubs! I’ll try to post once a week (I hope) I don’t have too many favourites for September, but stay tuned for an “I Love Fall” tag post and some more outfit posts.


L’oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions

I love the wand on this mascara – it’s very thin and the bristles are small too. It’s ideal for my lashes, which are practically non-existant. I have the waterproof version and it holds the curl fairly well.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Berry

I love this line of lip treatments. They smell so good and the colours are very pretty. This particular one can be quite pigmented, so I just dab a bit on and blend it in for some colour. It’s a great colour for the fall.

New York Yankees – For Her

It’s a random brand for a perfume, but I got a free sample of this from a drugstore and I admit I am impressed. It smells really good!

This is not the exact boot – but I love combat boots for the fall. I have a similar pair from Call It Spring in brown. They’re versatile and go with pretty much any outfit. Definitely a staple.

Music Favourites

  • AM – Arctic Monkeys : I absolutely love love love the Arctic Monkeys. I can’t choose a favourite off the album.
  • Jake Bugg: His debut album is amazing. His voice is very different, but at 19 he is extremely talented. I recommend listening to Two Fingers, Seen It All, and Broken.