back to school backpack/locker essentials

Here are some of my back to school essentials which will be living in my backpack and/or locker!

  • Locker whiteboard – It’s there whenever you need to write a note to remind yourself of something
  • Locker mirror – Always handy to have if you need to check up on your makeup or hair after class (and especially after P.E.)
  • Gum – I always like to have some to chew on if I feel lightheaded or after lunch!



  • Lip balm – Definitely a necessity in my opinion!



  • Hand cream – To go along with the lip balm…moisturizing is key during a long day at school.


  • Hair ties – Keep many around! I easily lose mine and regret not having them handy whenever I need my hair out of my face or if I have P.E./sports practice
  • Bobby pins – Same reason as having hair ties 
  • Deodorant/facial wipes – Perfect to have after a P.E./sports practice to freshen up



  • Those feminine products – Sometimes the “time of month” can surprise you! It’s also great to have in case your friend is in an emergency as well.



  • Pens! I always seem to lose mine, or I’ve lent them to someone and they haven’t returned it… :( Good to keep in your backpack and locker to grab in case you need to write something down.
  • Granola bars – I usually eat one between each class (minus lunch!) Convenient to have a couple in your backpack/locker in case you get hungry!


  • Pictures – My last essential…which is not really an essential. I like to tape pictures of my friends and family in my locker to cheer me up (school sucks) It also adds some originality to your locker for the year.

august favourites

In the summer I don’t really use any makeup, but here are a few beauty favourites I have this month.



Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo

This isn’t really a beauty product, but I have been using this shampoo for about a month and a half and I am quite happy with it. They are only available at hair salons (possibly online too, not sure) After using it, my scalp and hair felt extra-clean. The tea tree leaves a tingling feeling and it great for people with dry scalps.


Spectro AcneCare® Deep Pore Vanishing Lotion

EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm in Summer Fruit

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish

The Spectro lotion is great for acne. I don’t have a lot of acne, but now and again I would get bad breakouts on my forehead or around my nose. I had been continuously using some Neutrogena acne care products, but nothing was working. Eventually I tried the Spectro lotion and now I don’t use anything else! The lotion contains benzoyl peroxide which reduces the amount of acne-causing bacteria. I definitely recommend this product, but make sure to follow the instructions on the bottle. Also, it is better to apply at night as it leaves a white residue when it dries (can be easily washed off!)


My lips get dry very easily, so I have been using these two products together frequently this month. I got the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish from my mom in a gift set and it works very well! I am also obsessed with the EOS lip balm…in my opinion the Summer Fruit flavour smells like the fuzzy peaches candy…yum! As you can see in the picture I have used quite a bit! I hope to get the Sweet Mint or Pomegranate-Raspberry flavour when I am done this one.

Now onto the entertainment favourites.

TV Show: Orphan Black


My friend recommended that I watch this show and I’m glad I did. IT’S SO GOOD. It’s a BBC America production and is a sci-fi series set in Toronto, Ontario. The show is about a woman named Sara who witnesses a suicide of someone who looks like her. She assumes the life of the deceased woman and soon discovers she is one of many clones. Such a good series and Tatiana Maslany’s acting is phenomenal. Please start watching this show now!


Sleep Alone – Two Door Cinema Club

Changing of the Seasons – Two Door Cinema Club

Chartreuse – Capital Cities

My Number – Foals

Our Song – Matchbox Twenty



Random favourites: Homeade blueberry muffins. I am addicted. There is a blueberry patch in a park near me and my sister and I go pick fresh blueberries for my mom to make desserts! :)


I hope you enjoyed reading about my monthly favourites.

*New post in two days*

packages in the mail = happiness

Here are some things that came in the mail today!


Woohoo! A new phone case and Two Door Cinema Club’s second studio album (deluxe edition!) About 2 weeks ago I got a new phone (Samsung Galaxy Ace II x) and I wanted a case for it. Instead of spending $20 on a boring one at the Virgin Mobile store, I looked for some on eBay. I found a cute cassette one for around $5. It also came with a screen protector and a stylus, which is a bonus. It was supposed to come with a waterproof pouch for the phone, but I guess the seller ran out. A bit disappointing, but at least they sent the stylus in replacement.

ImageLove the case! Big thanks to my aunt for ordering it for me :)


The album is beautifuuuul. I had downloaded the regular version to my iTunes, but that wasn’t good enough for me. I really wanted the deluxe version after seeing them live, so I convinced my dad to get it for me off Amazon. Thanks dad.


Best part about the deluxe edition? There’s a second disc with live songs from their Brixton Academy set. I can’t wait until their new EP.

want list: printed & moto pants

I think printed and moto pants are perfect for the fall (or any season really). They make outfits more interesting and they’re easy to pair with a simple top.

ImageZara TRF Printed Trousers


J. Crew Toothpick Jean 

I think the pants from Zara are so cute. I need those!

I also think skinny cargo/moto pants look really cool too.

ImageH&M Cargo Jeans


Abercrombie Lara Pant

My friend has a pair of green ones from Zara and they look great on her. The ones above are similar as Danielle’s from WeWoreWhat (check out her post here) I do prefer the detailing on her jeans over the H&M ones though. I especially like the ones from A&F!

lunch of the day

I don’t usually cook a lot, but today my sis and I were craving some mac and cheese. Not just any mac and cheese, but my cousin’s baked mac and cheese (includes bread crumbs, so you know it’s good) So, of course, I had to make it for lunch!


ImageMy mom’s caesar salad.

ImageThe finished product!



It was a delicious lunch. I will definitely be making that recipe again, but with more cheese! 




my summer 2013 playlist

here is just a short post about some songs I’ve had on repeat this summer.

  • changing of the seasons – two door cinema club
  • this is the life – two door cinema club
  • something good can work – two door cinema club
  • best song ever – one direction
  • teenage dirtbag wheatus
  • trying to be cool – phoenix
  • 1901 – phoenix
  • diet mountain dew – lana del rey
  • radio – lana del rey
  • you – the 1975
  • safe and sound – capital cities
  • chartreuse – capital cities
  • out of my league – fitz and the tantrums
  • hold on when you get love and let go when you give it – stars
  • beach – san cisco
  • unbelievers – vampire weekend
  • step – vampire weekend
  • do i wanna know – arctic monkeys
  • creep in a t-shirt – portugal. the man
  • sofie – the crookes

Now going a bit more into detail…


Changing of the Seasons is Two Door Cinema Club’s new song off their upcoming EP (single released August 20!) It only aired two days ago, but I am already obsessed. I will definitely be listening to it for a loooong time. Especially when the new EP comes out. I am beyond excited. I also included two other TDCC’s songs (I had a hard time picking), which I will never, ever, tire of. Give them a listen.


If you want teen pop rock, here it is. After hearing One Direction’s cover of Teenage Dirtbag at their concert, I had to give the original a listen again. I had it on repeat for days after the concert. Brendan B. Brown’s vocals take some getting used to though! It’s a song that’ll easily get stuck in my head.


I mean, just look at the artwork. Safe and Sound was just so catchy, and after seeing them at Osheaga I began to enjoy Chartreuse A LOT. Although their songs sound very produced, they are amazing live.


Again, this artwork is beautiful. Plus side – this band is Canadian. I’ve listen to Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It (phew I’m out of breath) on repeat ever since The North album came out. Listened to it even more before Osheaga. Who could not like the indie-pop feel of this band?


I love love love this band. Listen to Sofie, Afterglow, and Maybe in the Dark. You will understand.

Hope you enjoyed my summer playlist post! What have you been listening to this summer?

august (back to school) collective haul

I’ve already done quite a bit of shopping in Toronto and Ottawa, but I decided to pick up a few more things for back to school when I went away to Montreal. My mom also just came back from NYC a couple days ago and bought some clothing for me there as well! Thanks mom.

Here they are!

ImageCropped hooded denim vest from LiME (brand: Last Kiss) – $25

Osheaga tee – $35

Polka dot button up – $12.99

Stay Weird muscle tee – $18

I was especially happy when I found the Stay Weird top at Brandy Melville. I think it’s really cool and the store at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto didn’t have it. The Brandy store on St. Catherines had much more selection than Yorkdale – I was impressed. I debated on buying a skirt from there, but I couldn’t justify $30 for OK quality material. ImageImage

I love this shirt. I tend to have a preppy side to my style and I’ve been looking for some classic button ups (which I don’t have to spend a ton of money on, aka Abercrombie) I love wearing navy, which I have a habit of buying all my clothes in.


And here is my beloved hooded denim vest I mentioned in a past post! I’ve been looking for one for the past couple months and finally found one I liked for the right price and quality.


ImageLove the back of the shirt!

Probably my favourite shirt from this haul. :) It was $35 which was quite expensive, but it’s a festival. Things are going to be overpriced. I was pleasantly surprised when I found that the tshirt was American Apparel. At least the quality is there!

Now on to the stuff my mother picked up in New York. I only asked her to pick up a I Heart NY shirt (no pic…but it looks like all the others) and Celia Birtwell Shorts from UniqloThey are patterned, high waisted flowy shorts that look like a skirt when they are on. I bought a pair back in NYC during March Break and loved them. I had originally wanted them in the black and white floral pattern, but there were none left. I was happy with the one she did get me though.


NHL Goalie mask tee – ?

Aritzia TNA leggings – around $20

Uniqlo Celia Birtwell shorts in Gray floral – $19.90

photo 1photo 3

I was only expecting the shorts and NY shirt, but she surprised me with a cool NHL tshirt and TNA leggings. Now I can say I own something from Aritzia…haha. Some of their stuff is really cute, but the prices, not so much.


I think this shirt is an exclusive to the New York City NHL Store since the tag inside read “Reebok New York City” The tshirt is awesome. I’ll definitely be wearing it during the season. Anyone who knows me knows I am a Leafs fan. No shame!

Hope you enjoyed seeing this haul of my new clothing. I will definitely be taking a break on the shopping for a while! Look out for lots of OOTDs (or even OOTWs) with these pieces once school starts!

*New post tomorrow*