fall/winter collective haul

Finally, here is my haul I promised a couple weeks ago! The skirt, tshirt and dress are from my Toronto trip.
photo 1

Mustard T – H&M $12

Ruffled Socks – Forever 21 $1.99 on sale

Burgundy Skirt – Brandy Melville $32
photo 2

Always wanted a pair of socks like these – glad I got them on a deal instead of originally $5.80!

photo 3

I was looking for a skirt in this colour and I like the sueded feel of this one.

photo 4

photo 1

Got this dress for my winter formal dance! From Dynamite, for $39.90. Got a discount though because I’m a Virgin Mobile member – gotta love deals.

photo 2

Red Infinity Scarf – Giant Tiger $9

Definitely going to wear these two together.

photo 3

Burgundy cardigan – Dynamite $17 on sale

Possibly obsessed with burgundy for fall/winter. Got this a while back, but never put it  in a post.

photo 1-2

My new winter toque! Got it before seeing the game – thanks Dad.

photo 2-2

In my dress

Hope you enjoyed my long overdue haul!


my weekend in toronto

I was in TO last weekend with my dad. We took in a Leafs game and did some shopping! We headed down last Friday. Here’s some pics from the weekend.


Yorkdale Shopping Centre – the ceiling decorations were so pretty! Thanks to my aunt for taking us.


Aunt made me try on a bajillion different coats (some crazy ones too), but I liked this one a lot from Zara.

We spent quite a while in Yorkdale since I was looking for a  dress for a winter formal dance coming up at school. After lunch my aunt and I left my dad and uncle to shop. I was excited to go to Brandy Melville which I don’t have anywhere near me. I found a cute suede-feel burgundy skirt for $30. I like a lot of Brandy’s clothes, but it depends what store you go into. I also think some of the stuff is overpriced, so I try to hold back.

I ended up finding a pretty dress at Dynamite which you will see soon! It’s not too formal that I can’t wear it again, which I like.

Later in the day my dad and I settled into our hotel and then headed to the Real Sports store before dinner. It was super busy in there since it was game night. There were so many Leafs merch I wanted, but it was SO overpriced. A t-shirt for $45? I don’t think so. I finally decided on a warm Leafs toque with a cute pompom on it :)


At the ACC!


A guy proposed to his girlfriend in the row in front of us – look at Carlton the bear…so cute.


It was impossible to walk around during the intermissions, but we managed to make to another corner of the arena and I managed to take this pic :)


Leafs won 4-2 :) It was awesome to see the players in the flesh.

We stayed until mid-Sunday and then endured a rainy 4-ish hour ride home. I do not enjoy driving to TO!

*Check back soon for a collective haul if you want to see what I got in Toronto*

my southern ontario trip: toronto (+one direction)

The next few blog posts will be about my past trips I’ve taken this month, so stay tuned!

On July 9, my family, my cousin, and I left for Toronto (5 hour drive anyone?) My cousin and I waited forever for this trip! We purchased tickets to One Direction’s Take Me Home tour more than a year in advance. Finally we were going the next day!

We arrived in Toronto around 5:30. My aunt’s lasagna was awaiting us. Yum!

The next day we went to Yorkdale Shopping Centre. I was ready to shop…I had been saving my money for the summer and was in need of retail therapy. First my aunt took me to Tiffany & Co. for my late 16th birthday present. I chose the “Return to Tiffany” heart tag charm in sterling silver.


Thanks Auntie K!

Later we browsed through more of the stores and I bought some clothes from Zara and H&M. Got some good deals, especially since Zara is having their huge summer sale. I also was hoping to get something from the Brandy Melville there, but it was packed. It was really stuffy and hard to move around. I really wanted the “Stay Weird” and the “Waikiki” tank, but sadly the store didn’t have them :( As time past my cousin and I counted down the hours before seeing 1D!


In line at Zara!

My aunt took my cousin and I to the Eaton Centre later before dinner so we could go to A&F and Hollister. We were disappointed with the two stores, but I ended up getting a pretty white tank with a lace back from A&F Kids (I fit their XL sizes still, oops) After we met my uncle for a quick dinner before the concert. McDonald’s anyone?


The line into the Air Canada Centre seemed endless. We waited in the line inside the train station outside the arena doors and it was boiling. The line went quick though and soon we were inside! My cousin and I were beyond excited…words cannot explain.


The concert started late, but my cousin kept saying, “You waited more than a year, you can wait another 20 minutes!” She was right. Loved every minute of it. The opening act, 5 Seconds of Summer, were decent, but I was ready to see boys!


ImageImageImageOverall, it was such a fun and memorable night. Big thanks to my aunt and uncle for their hospitality and taking us to the ACC! I still can’t believe I saw the boys in the flesh. My favourites were More Than This, Kiss You, Last First Kiss, and Moments. Guess who wants to attend the Where We Are 2014 Tour now?

*Posting a haul of the clothing/accessories I bought this month so watch out for that!*