music festival essentials

Summer is here and festival season is well under way. I’ve only been to one festival before, but am planning to attend two this summer! Here are some of my festival essentials I will be bringing along.


– cross body purse

You won’t want to be holding anything while enjoying your time at a festival. A cross body purse is easy to sling over your shoulder and keep your necessities in for a long day.

– rain jacket/poncho

If there is rain in the forecast, I suggest bringing along a light jacket. Fold up ponchos are easy to store in purses. You always want to be prepared for any type of weather!

– water bottle

Probably the most important thing to bring with you. It’s summer and you’ll want to stay hydrated. Most festivals suggest bringing an empty water bottle, since most have  free fill-up stations and want to avoid festival-goers from sneaking in alcohol! I suggest finding one that you can hook onto your purse for a hands free experience.

– snacks!

If you’re not looking to spend too much money on food and are mostly staying in the pit all day, bringing some snacks is always a good idea!

– hair ties

It’s summer and you’ll be surrounded by tens of thousands of people singing and dancing around you! Things will get hot. It’s always good to wear a couple of hair ties on your wrist in case you want to pull your hair up.

– camera

I don’t know about you, but I love to photograph some of the best moments of the summer. You don’t necessarily have to bring a camera, but get the camera app ready to shoot on your phone!

– gum

If you run out of water/snacks and aren’t planning to leave the pit, a pack a gum is always good to have.

– sunblock

Sun rays are lethal! Lather up before going to prevent painful sunburns on the first day of the festival.

– lip balm

Your lips might get dry from singing and summer, so I suggest bringing a lip balm along.