my last weekend before school

My last weekend before school was spent with my younger cousins and other family. Too bad my grandma’s house had no Internet! (Sorry for being MIA) I only get to see my younger cousins once a year since they live in Bermuda! They surprised my sister and I with some gifts when we arrived (a shirt and jewelry set from Rome and an iTunes card!) I loved everything. From Friday through Sunday we went to the park, watched a Scooby Doo marathon, went rock climbing, and went to the bookstore. It was nice to see them again, but it made me realize how difficult/tiring it is to take care of children (they are 7 and 4 and adorable) My sister and I were exhausted by the end of each day. We ended the weekend with dinner at a Chinese restaurant with my cousins, aunt, parents, etc. I will miss them!

ImageThe rock climbing place was so cool. Thanks to my aunt for inviting us.

ImageMy sis and cousin climbing.

The rock climbing place looked awesome, but I wasn’t able to participate because of my sprained ankle (A girl kicked it during a soccer tourney) I was disappointed, but it was fun to watch.

ImageAt the Chinese restaurant.

Overall, it was a good weekend seeing my family. It made the weekend go by quickly and helped me to think less of the approaching first day back to school. Now it’s Labour Day and I will be at school in less than 24 hours. Dreading! I have been waking up around 8:30-9 most of this month (or trying to). Don’t know how I will stand waking up at 6:30 tomorrow. Help!

This week will definitely be busy. I will try to post about my first day, but if not, expect an OOTW post on Friday. For those starting school tomorrow too, good luck!