beauty favourites of 2013

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a loooong time – a month almost. Oops. Went on a bit of a hiatus. With 4 difficult courses this semester, I was stuck one week with a couple tests and projects due. I’ll definitely be posting more in February after exams. Now onto my favourites of 2013!


Spectro AcneCare Deep Pore Vanishing Lotion: My holy grail product. My acne used to be very frequent in my T-zone, but ever since I started using this, it has not been a problem. Very effective and has been the best spot treatment I’ve used.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rosé: Absolutely love this. Finished a full size of it. It smells great and gives a nice sheer colour. Also quite moisturizing. Hope to try out some other colours soon.20140101-204056.jpg

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie: Never used to be a big lip colour person, but after using this product I was impressed. It has been the hype for a while and I can see why. Beautiful shade. Really want one in the watermelon colour!

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain: Has a nice mint smell and this colour is not too overpowering. Does leave a bit of a stain, but not like lipstick would over time which I like.

Essie Nail Polish in Bikini so Teeny: This colour is my favourite. I have never seen anything like it in other brands. Don’t know what else to say – just love the colour.20140101-204105.jpg

Benefit They’re Real Mascara: Was given this from my aunt (I think it was because she didn’t like that it wasn’t waterproof). I like to layer this with my other favourite mascara for a waterproof coat and extra length. This is definitely a great mascara like everyone says.

L’oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara: The mascara I use in tandem with the Benefit one. This definitely adds length and I like how the brush is not too thick (the big brushed mascaras don’t get all my short Asian lashes!)20140101-204113.jpgForgot to include this in the first picture, but here’s my last favourite.

EOS Lip Balm in Sweet Mint: Finally decided to jump on the bandwagon and try one of these when they were on sale in the summer and I don’t regret it! I love them. I have one other in Summer Fruit, but this flavour is definitely my favourite. The mint gives a slight tingle like a Blistex but without being fully medicated.

Thanks for reading. I’ll definitely be posting a few more times before exam time so stay tuned :)


recap: osheaga day 3

And Sunday was the last and final day of the festival :( I wanted to visit the McGill University campus and check it out, so my mom and I went and took the Metro there (my friend and her mom stayed back and chilled in the hotel). Although everything was closed on the campus because it was a Sunday, I thought the campus was beautiful and I loved the architecture. 


After a bit we walked back to St. Catherines, but not after I snapped this random pic…


We walked more in the Underground City and decided to eat in one of the many food courts. Around 2:15 we left for Parc Jean-Drapeau once again and met up with my friend and her mom who had been there since the first act on the main stage. My friend and I decided to check into one of the many Osheaga kiosks as it did not have a big line (surprisingly) and was entered to win tickets to next year’s festival! As Jessie Ware came on it started to rain. Good thing we were prepared…we whipped out our raincoats and umbrellas! After it died down, my friend and I walked over to the Scène Verte Sennheiser stage to catch some of Little Green Cars’ set. I also really wanted to leave because I couldn’t stand to listen to Jessie Ware a minute longer. Although I didn’t know many of their songs, Little Green Cars were really good. I loved when they performed My Love Took Me Down to the River. Check out their song The John Wayne. Fay O’Rourke is talented! 


After some songs we headed back, but not before signing a note and putting it up on the H&M board. It was fun to read all the other notes on it (sorry, I forgot to take a pic!) When we got back our moms decided to register their bracelets in the Chevrolet contest since they both had two pairs of matching ones! My friend and I sat waiting at a picnic table her mom and her had nabbed earlier on. We sat through 90% of Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires’ set. His music is soul/R&B (which I don’t usually listen to) and he is 65. It was an interesting performance, but he’s definitely still got it for his age! It seemed like we had been waiting forever for our moms to come back. We wanted to get into the Silversun Pickups crowd halfway through their set since The Lumineers would be playing there 45 minutes after, but we couldn’t leave with all the bags at the table. My mom hurried back shortly after I spammed texted her – thank god – and we headed into the crowd with about 15 minutes left of their set. I was surprised…there weren’t many people in the Silversun Pickups crowd so we got halfway to the front fairly quickly.  And then it started to rain. And I had forgotten my coat back at the picnic table. I convinced my friend to stay where she was and I rushed back and grabbed my coat. I was lucky…there was a woman in front of us who had been waving her hands like crazy…and she was still doing that as I entered the crowd. If it hadn’t been for her fangirl actions I would’ve never found my friend! 

As people filed out at the end of Silversun Pickups set, I followed my friend and we rushed to the front. We were both pleasantly surprised…even though we entered the crowd later than we hoped, our place was better than for Two Door Cinema Club! And a bonus – two tall guys (okay, everyone is taller than us) in front of us let us stand in front them. I THANK YOU! Downside: there was an even taller SHIRTLESS guy in front of me wet and sticky from the rain. Ugh.

ImageThe closeness.



As they started playing the crowd shifted (thankfully) and I could see a bit better. One of the two guys that let us in front of them was hilarious – he was obviously very excited and screamed “I LOVE THIS SONG” as The Lumineers performed Flowers in Your Hair. The best part of the set? WHEN WESLEY AND STELTH WALKED INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE CROWD TO PLAY. Up on stage Wesley announced for everyone to make a path so he could come out and play some songs. My friend and I were smack dab in the middle so as the crowd separated, there were only 2 people in front of me who were on the inside of the path. When they returned to the stage only one guy was in front of me and I guess he could see that I was trying to lift my arm to film and he let me stand in FRONT of him. All these nice people who have let me stand in front of them makes me forget about all pot smokers and rude fans…haha. So the greatest thing occurred after that. I touched Wesley and Stelth. YES. You read that right. It sounds kind of creepy, but I mean thats what most fans (girls) do, right? And it was only on their shoulder. I couldn’t believe it happened though. I mean, I made physical contact. Ok, i’ll stop obsessing now.

Later we watched Kendrick Lamar from the picnic table. Weird story – we came back to find our mothers socializing with some 20 some-year old girls from Toronto. And they seemed to be having a good time! Part way through New Order we left to see some of The Neighbourhood’s set on the Scène des Arbres Galaxie stage. We only stayed for a couple of songs because they came on late and also the crowd was really annoying. A group of French girls behind us were obnoxious and had no respect for other people (one girl was turned around and kept backing into us with her backpack several times) We surprisingly got back in time for the beginning of Mumford & Sons set. What was more surprising was the fact that one of the girls that our moms had been talking to bought my mom a shot and was trying to get her to take it. And later she was pressured into taking a sip of beer. Weirdest thing ever! (my mom isn’t really a big drinker) The girls talked to us when our moms left for the bathroom saying that we had the “coolest moms ever” and that we “definitely look old enough to order a drink”. Ok. I look like I’m 12. My friend and I look at each other in disbelief. But I guess it was cool that they liked our moms (even enough to Instagram a picture of them together…still to this day I cannot find the picture)

We watched Mumford & Sons for a good hour or so, standing atop the picnic table overlooking the crowd. They were amazing. 

ImageMumford & Sons madness


We left Montreal around 10:45 and didn’t get home until 3 am! I was exhausted, but I would definitely do it again.


*watch for my august collective haul soon!*