back to school backpack/locker essentials

Here are some of my back to school essentials which will be living in my backpack and/or locker!

  • Locker whiteboard – It’s there whenever you need to write a note to remind yourself of something
  • Locker mirror – Always handy to have if you need to check up on your makeup or hair after class (and especially after P.E.)
  • Gum – I always like to have some to chew on if I feel lightheaded or after lunch!



  • Lip balm – Definitely a necessity in my opinion!



  • Hand cream – To go along with the lip balm…moisturizing is key during a long day at school.


  • Hair ties – Keep many around! I easily lose mine and regret not having them handy whenever I need my hair out of my face or if I have P.E./sports practice
  • Bobby pins – Same reason as having hair ties 
  • Deodorant/facial wipes – Perfect to have after a P.E./sports practice to freshen up



  • Those feminine products – Sometimes the “time of month” can surprise you! It’s also great to have in case your friend is in an emergency as well.



  • Pens! I always seem to lose mine, or I’ve lent them to someone and they haven’t returned it… :( Good to keep in your backpack and locker to grab in case you need to write something down.
  • Granola bars – I usually eat one between each class (minus lunch!) Convenient to have a couple in your backpack/locker in case you get hungry!


  • Pictures – My last essential…which is not really an essential. I like to tape pictures of my friends and family in my locker to cheer me up (school sucks) It also adds some originality to your locker for the year.

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