packages in the mail = happiness

Here are some things that came in the mail today!


Woohoo! A new phone case and Two Door Cinema Club’s second studio album (deluxe edition!) About 2 weeks ago I got a new phone (Samsung Galaxy Ace II x) and I wanted a case for it. Instead of spending $20 on a boring one at the Virgin Mobile store, I looked for some on eBay. I found a cute cassette one for around $5. It also came with a screen protector and a stylus, which is a bonus. It was supposed to come with a waterproof pouch for the phone, but I guess the seller ran out. A bit disappointing, but at least they sent the stylus in replacement.

ImageLove the case! Big thanks to my aunt for ordering it for me :)


The album is beautifuuuul. I had downloaded the regular version to my iTunes, but that wasn’t good enough for me. I really wanted the deluxe version after seeing them live, so I convinced my dad to get it for me off Amazon. Thanks dad.


Best part about the deluxe edition? There’s a second disc with live songs from their Brixton Academy set. I can’t wait until their new EP.


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